Carbon Steel ASME Certified Enamelled Basket for Industrial Boiler

Enamel ed corrugated plate / Enamel ed corrugated plate basket Features of heating elements : 1. Manufactured by Germany production equipment 2. Adopting electrostatic coating technology 3. Using enamel glaze imported from America and Germany Details of our production line: 1. Cold forming lines...

Enameled corrugated plate/ Enameled corrugated plate basket


Features of heating elements:

1. Manufactured by Germany production equipment

2. Adopting electrostatic coating technology

3. Using enamel glaze imported from America and Germany

Details of our production line:

1. Cold forming lines for manufacture of heating elements

2. Slitting machine for slitting of steel coils to required element size

3. Germany equipment for enamel coating on heating elements


Profiled as per the customer's draft or drawing 


Because of low temperature, corrosion will occur. To solve this problem, the company develops a new kind of enamel. It is resistant to abrasion, corrosion, hard fouling, gas resistance and other characteristics. 


Company introduction

Shandong Hengtao Group, founded in 1995, is located in Gaomi City, Shandong Province. Hengtao Group has 470,000,000 RMB of total registered capital, 1,400,000 square meter of land coverage, about 2000 employees and over 3 billion RMB of total assets.

We are one of the manufacturers of boiler and boiler parts in China. We have a team of engineers who have more than 20 years experience in designing, manufacturing, engineering, supplying of boiler and its spare parts. We manufacture CFB boiler, enameled corrugated plate, enameled tubular air preheater, rotary air preheater, H-finned tube economizer, spiral finned tube economizer, membrane water wall, header and other customized boiler parts.


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